How do BarnDealer Leads work?

The "Leads" section allows you to quickly view and manage all your incoming leads. You can access the Lead Management section by clicking "Leads."

Here you can overview all your leads and their origins. Under the column "Origin" you can see where leads come from. You may be receiving leads from your BarnDealer website, from the "Download Our Current Pricing" form on your homepage, from specific inventory on your inventory page, and from the "Contact Us" form on the "Contact Us" page. You may also receive leads from Old Hickory ( from the brochure downloads, "Contact Us" forms, clearance inventory listings, and the 3D builder. 

What Features do the Lead Management System Offer?

To learn more about and manage a lead, click the blue name of the lead you are interested in. 

Click the drop down arrow next to "Form Submission." This will allow you to view additional specifics about your lead. To help manage your leads, you can add notes about the lead by clicking the "Add Note" button in the top right corner. You are also able to view where the lead came from by clicking the link following the text "This lead was created from Direct Traffic from."

Having your leads organized and accessible in one centralized location allows you to manage your time more efficiently!

What’s Next?

In the next section of our guide, we'll dive into lead management!

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