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Q: Why can't I add inventory to the Barndealer system?

The most common issue is that the inventory format must be correct. All 5 parts of the inventory number need to be included. See below: 

Q: Why can't I add inventory to the Barndealer system or why is the price missing?

A: It could be because the inventory number you are entering does not match the number recorded in the Old Hickory system. This often happens when the number written on the building differs from the inventory number entered into the system.

To resolve this issue, check the inventory number is correct by using the inventory lookup page. Enter the serial number (second part of inventory number) of the building and you will be able to find the correct inventory number as it was recorded in the Old Hickory inventory system. Then enter this correct inventory number into BarnDealer.

Q: Any other reasons my inventory might not show up? 

  • The Serial Number is incorrect. You may need to double-check with your TM that it is the correct number.
  • The building is recently delivered and has not been assigned to your Dealer ID yet.
  • The building has already been sold.
  • Your Dealer ID is missing from the business details section.

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